Selected Works:

Apparition, Acrylic on Found Wood, 12"x12", 2012
Walk-Off, Acrylic on Found Floorboard, 30"x24", 2012
Back & Forth, Acrylic on Found Wood, (2) 12"x12", 2013
Poked, Acrylic and String, on Wood, 12"x30", 2013
Get The Door, Acrylic, Rope, Metal and Wood, 16"x17.5", 2013
Forget What I Used to Be, Acrylic, Rope, Metal, Found Print Block, 24"x30", 2013
Cement Block, Acrylic, Cement, Found Wood, Antique Skeleton Key, and Rope, 17"x27", 2013
Hello, My Name Is..., Acrylic, Paper, Metal, on Wood, 24"x26", 2013
Stumbling Face First, Acrylic on Found Wood, 42.5"x21", 2013
Collision, Acrylic, Metal, and Wood, 12"x10.5", 2013