Selected Works:

“Dressed Block with Arms” paper, reclaimed wood, acrylic, and cloth, 13"x12"x23", 2016.
“A Friendly Wave from a Well Dressed Stranger”, acrylic, paper, reclaimed wood, rope, and metal, 10"x27"x3.5", 2016.
“From the Dirty Corner” acrylic, reclaimed wood, and paper, 14"x23"x5", 2016.
“Hugs, Not Slugs”, acrylic, paper, and reclaimed wood, 22"x24"x9", 2016.
“Hermit Crab” found metal, wood, paper, and acrylic, 15"x25"x17", 2016.
“Raptor Claw” paper, reclaimed wood, and acrylic, 11"x10"x5" (without base), 2016
“Not the Face! (That’s the Cash Register)” reclaimed wood, paper, and acrylic, 19"x16"x12", 2016
“Drone”, reclaimed wood, paper, reclaimed fan, and acrylic, 10"x15"x12", 2016.
“Still Here, and Can Hardly Believe It”, acrylic, found metal, reclaimed wood, and paper, 16"x13"x18", 2016
“Smoke Break”, reclaimed wood, paper, acrylic, found metal, and spray paint, 9"x14.5"x8.5", 2016.
“Hope to Hear from You Soon” found plaster ear, reclaimed wood, rope, paper, acrylic, and metal, 18"x5"x5,5", 2016.
“Bunny Ears”, paper, reclaimed wood, found nails, rope, acrylic, and foam, 7.5"x29"x4", 2016.
“Inch Worm”, acrylic, paper, reclaimed wood, found hinges, metal, and foam, 6.5"x26.5"x12", 2016.