Selected Works:

“Our Hero, Minus the King Fu Grip”, reclaimed wood, acrylic, metal, rope, and cardboard, 24"x6"x8" 2014
“Our Hero Finds The Perfect Lighting” metal, paper mâché, cloth, plastic, metal, and reclaimed wood, 8"x16"x7", 2015
“Our Hero Regurgitates (and Likes That You Like That)” acrylic, cardboard, rope, metal, and paper mâché on reclaimed wood, 16.5"x19"x4", 2015
“Our Hero with a Swollen Brow” acrylic on reclaimed wood, 6.25"x7.25", 2015
“Our Hero Thanks the Academy”, acrylic, paper, cloth, plastic, and reclaimed wood, 6"x15"x5.5", 2015
“Our Hero: The Flattening (with rope)”, acrylic, paper mache, rope, and reclaimed wood, 8.25"x10"x2", 2015
“Our Hero: The Flattening (with cloth)” acrylic, paper mache, reclaimed wood, and cloth, 9"x16"x4", 2015
“Our Hero: The Flattening (with Teeth)”, 9"x13"x2", acrylic, paper, and reclaimed wood, 2015
“Our Hero Hates the Taste” acrylic, paper, fabric, and reclaimed wood, 10.25"x16"x6", 2015
“Our Hero is Dead, Long Live Our Hero”, acrylic, reclaimed wood, paper, metal, and cloth, 9.5"x13.5"x5", 2015
“Our Hero in Hiding” paper mâché, twine, metal, reclaimed wood, cloth, and acrylic, 5"x19"x10.5", 2015
“Our Hero, Engulfed” acrylic, paper, metal, rope, plastic, and fabric on reclaimed wood, 16"x24"x5", 2015
“Our Hero, with a Chain for Yanking”, acrylic, paper, metal, monofilament, and cloth on reclaimed wood, 8"x19"x4", 2015
"Our Hero Video Log" and"Our Hero Situation Slideshow" Coming Soon